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Company profile                            Outline
September 1953  Founder, Jitsuo Yamamoto started Yamamoto Iron Works as a 
privately run company at 243-1 Nakazu-Cho, Fuchu City, Hiroshima.

June 1954  Manufactured and sold various marine rudder gears and started manufacturing salmon and trout fishing boats in the Tohoku district.
May 1955  Developed manual hydraulic rudder and installed it on a tuna boat at Nakaminato Port in Ibaraki as the first of its kind. Since that time, we have carried out continuous research and product development and marketed as Yamamoto type hydraulic steering gear.
December 1967  Newly built a factory at present location 167-4 Nakazu-Cho, Fuchu City, Hiroshima.Planned production system improvements
December 1969  Newly built machine factory for production increase.
January 1970  Started trading department and exported hydraulic rudders to Southeast Asian countries through trading companies.
August 1971  Started manufacturing and selling autopilot systems (automatic steering gears).
May 1973  Changed the organization to a stock company. Capital: \10 million Newly built and completed an office.
March 1976  Expanded the factory and office.
July 1976  Contributed to marine related businesses and awarded Chugoku Shipping Commissioner prize for achievement of maritime affairs development.
November 1983  Awarded 30 year anniversary foundation commendation from the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
November 1983  Developed an automatic weighing packaging machine and started manufacturing and sales.
September 1988  Established a technical cooperation agreement with Japan Hamworthy & Co., Ltd., developed a broad angle electric hydraulic rudder and started sales to medium-sized vessels.
July 1990  Awarded a transportation ministry commendation as a contributor to maritime affairs.
February 1995  Newly built an assembly factory.
August 1999  Developed and completed oil-less maintenance free deck machine with aid of Ship and Ocean Foundation.
October 1999  Developed, completed and started sales of a tracking pilot.
April 2000  Completed and started sales of an autopilot system with a signal from a satellite compass through a technical cooperation agreement with FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD.
November 2003  Awarded a 30 year anniversary foundation commendation from the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
March 2006  Completed, and started sales of a route tracking pilot using an electronic navigation chart device "Operation supporter" through business operations with TODAKA Corporation.Started manufacturing and sales of a snooze prevention device, watch assist.
October 2007  Started manufacturing and sales of an Off-course Alarm.
April 2010  Acquired "ISO9001" certification for rudder units.
December 2012  Class 2 bridge navigation watch alarm system (BNWAS) HK certified, started manufacturing and sales of it.
July 2013  Changed company name to YAMAX Co., Ltd.